Made For People like You, By People like You

GrayActiva, like many of our customers, are committed to creating a more environmentally and socially responsible world. In everything we do, we strive to improve the lives of our customers, employees, communities, and our planet. That’s why we ensure all of our suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors are socially responsible companies that we can feel good about doing business with. We expect all of the companies we do business with to provide their employees with a living wage, adequate working conditions, and enough time off to live a happy, healthy life.

Environmental Justice

As the climate crisis worsens, the effects will not be distributed evenly. Any socially responsible company, must include reducing their environmental impact as an integral part of social responsibility. Unlike many of our competitors, GrayActiva’s products are not made with petroleum, a derivative of the fossil fuel industry. We are proud to offer the lowest-impact high performance wetsuit on the market so that you can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint and, in turn, environmental injustices.

Commitment to Stakeholder Impact

We believe that business can be a force for social and environmental good. Every decision we make is driven by a commitment to leave a positive impact on the communities we interact with. While we have not been around long enough to become a certified B Corporation, we intend to become one as soon as we can. Still, a lack of the official certification doesn’t prevent us from acting as if we were already a B Corporation when we make choices about our impact on customers, the environment, our workers, and the community. If you support us, it’s money well spent.