We Believe in Using Business as a Force for Change

Founded by water sports enthusiast Gray Robinson, GrayActiva was built around the assumption that we must give back to that which has given us so much: the ocean. The ocean is warming at a rapid rate, microplastics can be found everywhere, and ecosystems are being destroyed by overfishing and deep sea drilling. If we want to protect our oceans, a carbon-intensive, exploitative business model simply won’t work.

Instead of being part of the problem, GrayActiva strives to be a part of the solution.

Traditionally, wetsuits have been created using petroleum-based neoprene. Far from being sustainable, these wetsuits require fossil fuels to produce, manufacture, and they aren’t biodegradable. Other wetsuit brands have tried to make their products more environmentally friendly, but have either fallen short, or compromised performance in the process. That’s where we step in. GrayActiva’s Biofoam, made from byproducts of the seafood industry, Rainforest Alliance Certified Hevea tree rubber, sugar cane, and non-edible plant oils, is 100% biodegradable and USDA certified. The only part of our process that currently emits carbon is the melting of the seashells and the manufacturing of our Biofoam. However, we are committed to achieving carbon neutrality in the near future.

Commitments to Sustainable Development

 As we continue to grow, GrayActiva considers ecological and social impact just as vital to the success of our business as economic impact. To drive change, we need to separate ourselves from the old models of business that do more harm than good. Extractive business practices aren’t just not environmentally viable, they aren’t economically viable. We hope to partner with local communities, NGOs, and others to be a part of a coalition for positive environmental change.

Each wetsuit you buy will help us create a more sustainable world. Use your purchasing power for good!